Frequently asked questions


Find answers related to the use of our applications. Don't hesitate to contact us if your question would not be listed here.

1. Does Triptomatic support multiple languages ?

Yes. Triptomatic supports multiple languages (EN, FR, NL, DE, …) and we can very quickly add new languages when needed.

2. Can I grant specific permissions to users?

Absolutely, you can grant and revoke permissions on user level at any time.

3. How flexible is the invoicing module?

We know from experience that implementing contractual agreements and prices can get tricky. Therefore we developed a framework that allows us to implement specific conditions per contract. This allows us to support almost any invoicing case.

4. Does Triptomatic have a track & trace solution ?

Drivers are tracked during their worktime. You’ll be able to visualise the drivers on a map and to report on historical location data. Triptomatic stores location changes every 250m and when a driver indicates a change of transport status.

5. What are combinations ?

We apply a task-based approach to instruct the drivers which allows the dispatcher to combine transports and sort the tasks within a combination. As such you can instruct the driver to pickup patient A, then patient B, then drive with both patients to the destination of patient B and then drive to the destination of patient A.

6. Can Triptomatic be connected to a hospital EHR ?

Absolutely, it’s really easy to integrate Triptomatic with the hospital Electronic Health Record system. It usually takes a couple of hours to set up the integration and the benefits of course are enormous: data is prefilled during the request process, information on the transport can be shown in other applications, data can be stored for reporting purposes, …


Find out which technology drives our applications and discover our obsession for speed and reliability

1. Do I have to install software ?

No. You access the tool via a webbrowser like Chrome. This is called SAAS : Software as a service.

2. Is the mobile app available on iOS and Android?

Yes, our mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

3. How fast is Triptomatic?

Very fast 🚀 . The engineering team is obsessed by providing the best possible performance, even when things get really complicated.

4. What is the main technology stack?

We use the MERN stack (=MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) for the web application. The mobile application is built with ReactNative. Our BI solution is built on Google Bigquery. We use the most common AWS services, but also Google Cloudrun, Firebase, …


Find out how serious we are when it comes to data protection and contractual agreements

1. Is Triptomatic GDPR compliant ?

Yes. We deal with personal and medical information and are determined to deal with this in a mature and rigorous approach.

2. Is there a license agreement ?

Yes, our partnership will be described in a license agreement and will contain all the information regarding financial terms, SLA’s, …

3. Can we get a free test period ?

Sure, get in touch with us to discuss the details.

4. How does support work ?

We offer quick and personal support to all of your questions. Everything is monitored through a support ticketing system and for large customers we also provide a dedicated account manager.

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